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S02 E08 " Grotesque" - Spoilery, przewidywania.
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Najnowszy odcinek FTWD za niespełna dwa tygodnie, tymczasem już pojawiło się małe Q&A do odcinka. Niestety nie znamy jeszcze na 100 % tytułu odcinka, TSDF podaje go jako " Grotesque"

Thanks to our source for the info! :)

1- What does Nick drink while he is thirsty on the road?
His own pee. He vomits after he tries to eat a cactus plant, but manages to drink his own piss. Go figure.
2- What do we know about Luciana?
All we know is somebody she cares about is “missing,” and that’s who she was looking for when she found Nick.
3- Why does the man in the preview walk through the school bus into the field of infected? Is it a sacrifice or punishment for something he did?
The leader of the community (played by Paul Calderon) is taken to believes this is the last step of the dead's "journey" and in the meantime, the dead forms a "wall" around the community and protects them. So, every so often, someone has to be sacrificed to the dead and become part of the wall. Luciana later claimed the man that was sacrificed had been bit, and so, he was dying anyways. But, Nick doesn't believe it (nor do I)
4- Gloria is alluded to not be a typical junkie? What does she do?
She comes from a very rich family, and they live in Bel Air. She meets Nick in rehab and is very supportive of him, especially when it comes to issues he has with his parents, primarily his Dad.
5- Do we get to see the new community in Tijuana and their group? How are they?
Yes, at the very end. It's a walled community, set up kind of like a flea market, where its people can sell or trade.
6- Who is the person with a baseball bat? (we saw one from a previous teaser)
Nick found what he thought was an abandoned house to camp for the night, but it turned out to be this woman and her son's house (or at least they were camping there and were there before Nick). She gets a few good swings in with that bat, and that is where Nick is forced to leave all of his food and water behind.
7- Who is the guy on the jeep? He's the leader of the marauders that were stealing and killing along the highway. (the ones who attacked Nick)
8- What happens at the end with them?
One is eaten by the herd when he loses his composure after seeing Nick walking with the dead. He drops his bullets and is attacked by the herd before he can reload his gun (why he didn't just run away, I don't know!). The others get away.
9- How sick/hurt/bad shape is Nick?
Severely dehydrated and he has a bad dog bite on his leg.
10- Is there something else we can know about this episode?
The short, balding guy in the promo who is watching the guy walk through the school bus to sacrifice himself we are led to believe is the leader of the community in Tijuana. He treats Nick's injuries, but we later find out he is only a pharmacist. Very much like Celia in his beliefs about the dead.


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Odp: S02 E08 " Grotesque" - Spoilery, przewidywania.
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