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Wayne Dunlap

S02E13 "Date of Death" - spoilery przewidywania.
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Odp: S02E13 "Date of Death" - spoilery przewidywania.
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Wayne Dunlap

Odp: S02E13 "Date of Death" - spoilery przewidywania.
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Q&A do najbliższego epizodu.

Cytuj (zaznaczone)
Q&A / Spoiler Details of FTWD 2x13 /Date of Death

1. Does Travis try anything against "The Bros"?
He does eventually pull a gun against Brandon, but backs down in the end.

2. Is Travis threatened by them? If so, how?
Yes. The bot who was shot, James, isn't healing fast enough for the Bros., and so, they want to kill him. Travis tries to protect James, but is ambushed. Brandon finally does kill James.

3. What happens between Chris and Travis during the episode?
Chris is the one who attacks Travis an gets him away from James so that Brandon can kill him.

4. What happens between them at the end of the episode?
Chris leaves with the guys.

5. What happens with Travis and the people who arrive the Hotel?
Madison and the group end up havinf to let them all in because Travis is among them.

6. What happens with Madison, Alicia and the rest of the people at the Hotel besides dealing with the new people?
After seeing how guild-ridden Travis is about Chris, Madison finally has a heart-to-heart with Alicia. Alicia learns what really happened to his father (the car crash wasn't an accident, and instead, it was suicide).

7. Is there anything else you can share with us?
The end of the episode makes us think that maybe something happened to Chris.


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Odp: S02E13 "Date of Death" - spoilery przewidywania.
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Opis całego poniedziałkowego epizodu. Zapowiada się konkretny odcinek.

Cytuj (zaznaczone)
The episode begins at the hotel. Now you may sigh and think it will be more of the same. But, don't fret. This episode was my favorite since the second half of the season began. You're going to be glad you stuck it out through some of the duller episodes.

There's a crowd around the hotel, and they want in. Maddie looks through the crowd when she suddenly spots a familiar face....

TRAVIS!!! It's Travis, and he doesn't have Cray Cray Chris anywhere nearby, even better! At this point, I did a happy dance and crossed my fingers the kid had accidentally fell straight into a pit of walkers. Well, that's not how it happens, rather disappoint you sooner than later.

Now, we flashback to the barn where we last saw Chris. He had just murdered a farmer, and Travis was looking at him like he had horns.

Travis is still wearing a look of disbelief. (Why are you so surprised, Travis? The kid has been full on Shane for the past 13 episodes, just sayin').

Travis goes to the aide of James, the boy that had been shot by the farmer Chris murdered. Travis stitches up James before moving on to his next good deed, burying the murdered farmer.

That night, they cook the chickens from the barn. Chris and Travis have a talk. Travis tells Chris the guys they just met are savages.

Chris cops an attitude with Travis (shocker, not) and says, "So, I'm a savage too?" (Um, was this a question or a realization. Yes, Chris you're a savage among other things.)

Flash forward to present time at the hotel. They get Travis inside. He is clearly distraught. Maddie is asking him what we are all wondering. What happened? How did he end up at the hotel alone? How about more flashbacks to explain it all for us...

We see Travis, Chris, and Chris's gang back at the barn. They are loading up their injured friend that Travis stitched up earlier in the episode. They don't get far because he is in so much pain.

The hooligans are sick to death of Travis at this point. This farm they killed for isn't all that great after all. They want to go back to San Diego. They don't believe the city is actually gone.

Travis goes on a mission to find the name of the farmer his son murdered. He wants to write it on the cross, like the farmer did for his family.

Those stitches Travis put in James didn't seem to magically heal him. He passes out, and the gang goes back to the farm.

The gang is now annoyed with James for being shot. They decide to shoot him again, in the head this time so they don't have to deal with a friend who is pain. Brandon, the leader of the gang is going to do it when Travis steps in. Brandon then points the gun at Travis. Travis shoots the ground to warn them he's also packing heat and not cool with murder.

The next morning, Cray Cray Chris brings Travis some food out to the barn. Travis takes the opportunity to talk to Chris about what they're doing. Chris actually seems to be getting the point that murderin is bad, mkay.

Wait, nope. Just kidding. Chris was acting. He tackles Travis and holds him down. He calls for the other guys to come in. They do, and Brandon shoots James in the face.

The gang is leaving now, and they're taking Chris with them. I say good riddance, but Travis is pleading with Chris to stay with him. Chris doesn't feel like it. He gets in with his new equally psychopathic buddies and drives off. Travis, all by his lonesome, begins walking.

Back in present time, Travis and Maddie are at the hotel talking. He gets his composure and tells her all about his little monster. He wishes he had listened to her back at the winery. He blames himself and believes he failed his son.

This reminds Maddie of her own child. She searches out Alicia and shares the true story of her father's death. This brings the two women closer than ever. All looks pretty peaceful.

We go to a hotel shower. Inside, Travis is cleaning himself and washing away his worries.

But wait, it's dark outside. More people are approaching the hotel gate. Knock knock, you won't believe who it is....