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Wiadomości - Derekh

Bez przesady, nie miał tej brody nie wiadomo jak długiej. 2 tygodnie i jest z powrotem.

Nowe info:

8/1 - Filming took place off Old Greenville Rd. Carol and Morgan filmed at the creeptastic house with the graveyard. There was additional filming off Old Greenville Rd. There was a scene filmed with Michonne and an unknown female (possibly the same mystery chick she reportedly filmed with in episode 7.) Michonne was in the passenger's seat and supposedly exits the car at one point.
8/2 - Studio - Rumors that Aaron and Rick were filming. There's speculation that they might have filmed near water.
8/3 Studio - Maybe a continuation of what was filmed on 8/2?
8/4 Studio - Supposedly it was mostly Hilltop filming. Word is Maggie, Sasha, Rick, Michonne, Carl, and Tara were at the studio.
Today filming continues at the studio. Word is there might be some Sanctuary filming. Today is the last day of filming the MSF. The cast and crew will take a well deserved break next week. Filming will resume 8/15

Daryl is on set today -Ninja
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