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Wiadomości - Nope_that

dnia: 28 Marzec, 2017, 14:20:38 1 The Walking Dead Serial / SPOILERY / Odp: S07E16

Cały opis odcinka.
Part 1

This was written in sections with some overlap and as much dialogue as possible. Emphasis is marked with bolded words.

Time jumps around in this episode going back to season 6 plus back and forth through season 7 events so it is confusing to read.

Carol doesn't have much interaction with Team Family in the finale.

We open seeing Sasha listening to music, a soft, jazzy type brass song as she wears white earbuds in darkness. Is she in her cell again or somewhere else? She is surrounded by darkness and the screen is focused on her face. Her eyes are wide open but she is focused on something we cannot see yet. She is in the past, reliving what led her to this point in her life:

"Hey darling, she says slowly, "wake up".

The scene changes instantly and Sasha is asleep on a sofa at the ASZ. "Hey darlin, wake up" Abe says softly. Sasha wakes up. "What is it? Do we need to..." she asks Abe.He cuts her off with "No, no, no, we're ok for now", he says to her.

Sasha sits up and kisses Abe passionately, cupping his right ear with her left hand. She kisses him a few more times, soft kisses. They pull apart slowly from the kisses. [They are both dressed like they were in 6.16 before the main group decided to take Maggie to the Hilltop to see Dr Carson and check on the baby.]

"Well good afternoon to you ', Abe says to her, smiling at her. "You're here" she says to him. "Yeah and I'm feeling all kinds of glad to see you right now" Abe replies, as she continues touching him, stroking his face with her left hand and thumb.She keeps her right hand firmly holding his shoulder.

"Are they back?", she asks Abe. "Not yet" he says, continuing. "I know you are pulling late shift and you went out tonight so I didn't want to wake you. Maggie's in trouble."

Sasha is shocked, "What?" Abe tells here "Something with the baby, Rick's taking her to the doctor at Hilltop. He doesn't know it yet but I'm going with him." The camera switches from Abe to Sasha's face as she listens.

"I just- I know we just started this" Abe tells Sasha, "But I wanted you to-" "Don't", Sasha says, "Don't what?" Abe asks her. "Don't go" Sasha implores him.

“Hey darling wake up” Negan opens the cell door and stands in the doorway with a huge domed tray in hand- a silvery dome like those used in restaurants and banquets. “Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life he says to her”

"Negan leans against the wall of the cell talking with Sasha. She refuses to look Negan in the eye or at his face as he speaks. "You are smart, hot as hell, dignified as shit and you don't suffer one goddamned fool. No one is gonna want to watch you die. I don't want to see that. So, you don't have to. But someone does. Maybe a couple of us tops. But not you and not most people. We are gonna help solve some shit Tuck in, Big day," as he lifts the domed cover off the tray showing a plate with reveals pancakes with blueberries arranged as eyes and a smiley face plus a strawberry garnish in the upper right part of the plate. The breakfast also has green melon slices, scrambled eggs and what looks like ham or bacon.

Sasha asks him "what do you need from me?", still refusing to look Negan in the eye.

The scene changes to Maggie and Sasha, dressed in light colored clothing, sitting together side by side. They look as they did in season 5 when they bonded over losing Beth and Tyreese, just before Aaron found introduced himself to them. Maggie's hair is short and current though , not longer as it was in season 5.Brief piano music is heard and then the scene switches to a shot of Daryl.

Daryl and Dwight stare at each other for a long moment. Dwight is still on his knees as Rick hold him at gunpoint while Tara, Rosita, Daryl, Michonne and X watch. They are in a dark room. Dwight says "Look at me" Rick "Why?"

Dwight "'Cause I want him stopped. I want Negan dead." Rick 'So why don't you kill him?" Dwight responds "it can't just be me. They're all Negan."

Tara steps up, bends down close to Dwight's face, her voice full of anger, "That girl you murdered, she had a name. Her name was Denise and she was a doctor and she helped people."

Dwight looks at the floor for a second, then says,"I wasn't aiming for her." Daryl explodes, grabs Dwight and slams him up against the wall. He has a knife ready to plunge into Dwight's eye and skull.

"Do it, do it", Tara urges Daryl.

Dwight chokes out a whispered " (garbled) end it this way. You go ahead. I'm sorry, I am" In a normal voice he goes on "I know you really want to." to Daryl who stll holds the knife right next to his eye. The knife trmebles a bit as Daryl holds himself back from killing Dwight as he is tempted to do

Rick breaks in "He could just be here to see if you were here." to Daryl. "We can't trust him", Michonne says

"He owned me" Dwight says, "But not any more. What I did, (short pause ) I was doing for someone else. She's gone away so now I'm here. (music starts) "So are you, because of her" at Daryl who continues staring into Dwight's eye, knife still in Dwight's face.

A short silent pause broken by Tara "Do it!" Dwight says "There's another choice." Tara, "Daryl you knew her."

Dwight interrupts, speaking despite the knife still being held right at his face: "There is another choice. If we work together we can stop them. You knew me then and you know me now, you know I'm not lying. I'm not."

Tara says "Do it, do it!" but Daryl withdraws the knife from Dwight's face. Rick has moved over to the side of Daryl and Daryl. Dwight breathes heavily in relief as the knife goes down. Rosita speaks from across the room "They have Sasha," as the camera moves over to Rosita, standing next to Tara, "if she's even alive " Rosita says.

"Why didn't you say something, " Jesus asks, 'He could be our only chance to get her back." Rosita answers, "Because I don't trust him. But I trust Daryl."

Dwight continues "Negan's coming soon. Tomorrow. Three trucks probably, 20 Saviours and him. I can slow him down, brings down some trees down in the road. Buy a little time for you guys to get ready", as the camera moves to Rick's face as he and Daryl exchange a look.

Dwight goes on "If you can take them out, that's where we start. You kill them, I 'll radio back to the Sanctuary. Rick interrupts him, 'The Sanctuary?"

"Where Negan lives, " Dwight answers, "That's what they call it."

Dwight "I can radio back to them that everything's ok. You drive the trucks back, I can lead you right inside. And with the right plan, we can wipe out the rest. Check to see if your friend is still alive. (short pause) Then we get the workers on our side, build the numbers up and go outpost to outpost and end this."

(the camera moves from Dwight to Daryl's face as he stares right into Dwight's eyes. Then it pans back to Rosita and Tara, then over to Michonne and Jesus while Rick stands at Daryl's right side,

Rick says,"Keep talking"

The scene switches from the jail cell to outside at the ASZ, where Rick and Daryl stand side by side watching Dwight walk over to his truck to leave. Rick, "We just started it, the whole thing." Daryl responds, "If he's lying, I'm gonna kill him real slow. (the camera moves back to show Tara sitting alone on the steps to Daryl's right, watching them.)

Daryl continues, "When this is done, I don't give a damn if he's sorry. I will kill that son of a bitch."
Rick "If he's lying, this is already over.", as Rick turns and walks away. Daryl looks over to his right and sees Tara staring hard at him before he backs out of the frame and the scene ends.

Back to Sasha in the weird darkness wearing the white earbuds and listening to a Donny Hathaway song on her MP3 player. "Someday, we'll all be free, yeah" Hathaway sings. (we will learn later that is it is Donny Hathaway singing) Sasha's eyes are open wide and her lips move a little. "Oh, I gotta go" she says softly.

Suddenly she's back at the ASZ with Abe who says, "I gotta go. Fact is , I figured we'd-" Sasha cuts him off looking confused, "I had a dream. You-" Abe interrupts her smiling, You had a dream about me?" he asks her. "You died" she says, looking confused still.

Scene changes to a shot of Sasha's plate of pancakes with blueberry eyes as Negan says (unseen) "That's the plan. That's what I need from you. (camera moves to Negan speaking with Sasha) "And when you come out, not a peep. They will stand down if they haven't already." Sasha again refuses to look directly at Negan who continues "And then Lucille, she gets her three. And then we move forward with the new understanding. "

Sasha is visibly distressed, her brow furrowed and her expression upset. She shakes her head a little and puts her right hand to her face. Negan says, "Are you shitting me? Is that real? Sasha turns to look at Negan and says " I can do it but no one has to die." "You're wrong, he says, "Punishment, can't do anything without that. Punishment is how we've built everything we have."

Sasha, "You think I'm going to sit here and let you-" "Careful!" Negan barks at her angrily. "You are not letting me do anything. " They stare at each other silently for a second before Sasha says slowly and firmly, "No one has to die."

Negan smiles, tosses his head and says "Ok. How about this, one?" Just one. I mean I was gonna pull three out of the pool but just one and just for you." Sasha still looks distressed and upset, but she looks at Negan and says resolutely "OK, just one person has to die." Her expression clears and she looks less distraught than before. Almost as if she has made a decision of some kind or found peace.

Negan laughs, gets up off the floor of the cell, says "You've got me wrapped around your little finger, you know that, and it's not a man-woman kind of thing. I mean if you had a dick, I would still have these feelings. We roll out in forty-five. " as he leaves her cell. "

Then, another shot of Sasha and Maggie together there is a Maggie scene at the Hilltop where Maggie is deciding whether to follow rick's orders and stay at Hilltop out of the fighting, or take her group into the battle.

The Kingdom

"This is the scene in the sneak peek:

Location: Travelling outside The Kingdom and find a row of shopping carts set up the way Richard had them in New Best Friends.

Carol is in full on badass mode. She’s surrounded by 7-9 Kingdom soldiers: Daniel, the hot red-headed one, Dianne, sweet Jerry, and 3 or 4 others, including at least one on a horse who’s holding a flag. Carol’s clearly the one in charge. She’s like a Four-star General in King Ezekiel’s army. As they approach the shopping carts blocking their path, she tells them, “Guns up now!”

They all listen, guns at the ready. Did I mention Carol’s dressed in armor like the rest of the soldiers and she looks hot as hell? Well, now I did and she does.

One of the soldiers says, “What the hell. He’s dead.” He’s talking about Richard.

Carol asks, “What is it?”

Diane to Carol: “We’ve seen this before.”

Morgan suddenly appears from behind a light-colored car. He’s also dressed in Kingdom armor and carrying his sharpened stick. The others hear him before they see him, and point their guns in his direction before quickly lowering them. They clearly are surprised to see him.

It’s obvious Morgan heard their conversation because he responds, “The same ones.” He talking about the shopping carts.

Jerry asks him, “Are you okay?”

Carol makes her way over to Morgan. “Are you going to ambush them on your own?”

He tells her, “Yeah.”

Carol is not happy and looks at him with concern. “Going alone doesn’t work for this.”

Morgan’s face says it all. He doesn’t give a damn and tells her, “Works for me.”

Morgan and Carol are standing less than a foot apart but he seems uncomfortable under her gaze. He doesn’t look directly at her until she asks, “Did you kill any of them? Because if you have and they found out and they think it was the Kingdom then we lose our advantage.” She’s direct and looks him in the eyes when she speaks, but her voice is soft here.

Morgan points his stick in the direction of the shopping carts and says, “From walkers.”

Daniel walks up and asks, “Can we move them aside?’ At the same time King Ezekiel appears. Daniel, and a brown hair soldier start moving the carts. King Ezekiel approaches Morgan. This is the first time we see him in the shot. Carol steps back and walks away.

Shiva growls. We hear her but can’t see her.

King Ezekiel to Morgan, “Do you seek to extinguish everything of who you were?”

Morgan body language is turned away from the King, just like it was with Carol. He’s uncomfortable and having trouble meeting the King’s eyes when he admits, “I don’t seek it, but I’m stuck.”

King Ezekiel: “You want the Saviors dead? Morgan!”

For the first time Morgan looks directly at the King. He’s angry when he answers, “Yes, I do.” Morgan once again looks away, and keeps looking off into the distance.

King Ezekiel: “Cease this folly. Accompany my regiment. The Saviors are a dragon with many heads and numbers legion. We must seek allies in this endeavor.”

King Ezekiel looks at what Morgan’s wearing: “That’s Benjamin’s armor.”

Hearing Benjamin’s name gets a reaction out of Morgan. He turns his head to look at the Ezekiel before quickly looking away again.

Knowing he struck a chord, Ezekiel asks, “Do you wear it to serve you or do you wear it in his honor?”

Morgan is looking down and does not answer, but does look back up when he hears his name.

King Ezekiel: “Morgan, you are not stuck. Join us on this journey to create an alliance. Fight with us and we shall defeat them so that no one will suffer under their capricious malevolence ever again.”

Morgan shakes his head and then nods.

King Ezekiel calls out to the rest of the group before turning and walking towards them: “And we start out once more for the fallen, for the Kingdom, and the glory of victory. As King moves to take Shiva’s chain from Diane, we see Carol watching Morgan.

The groups starts to move forward – the shopping carts no longer in their way. Carol and King Ezekiel walk together with Shiva between them. She’s not afraid of Shiva. No one in the group is. Carol gives King Ezekiel a look as if to say good job for convincing Morgan to join them.

Morgan follows behind."

The Scavengers ride in on bicycles and garbage trucks. Jadis looks around and turns to Rick and says "what you fight for?" Rick says "not the place, the people (he looks at Michonne). Each other. You're part of that now." Jadis looks at Michonne, gestures to Rick and says "yours"? Michonne says "We're together." Jadis says - I listened more than once -" I lay with the leader, you care?" Michonne says "We should get back to work. Rick looks creeped out."

Then a brief scene in which the Saviours find the blocked road and speculate that Rick and group had downed the trees. Eugene comes up with a plan to clear the road.

"In the weird darkness, Sasha is listening to her music, eyes wide open, trembling as she hears a trumpet solo playing through her earbuds. She works with several starts to get out the words, "I know what's gonna happen and how this is gonna end." Her face shows a range of emotions across it as the scene changes putting her back at the ASZ with Abraham in that earlier time.

She echoes in the darkness Abe's words from that day. In the past, he holds her hand and says "You know what's gonna happen.How this is gonna end. We're gonna walk out that door together, we're gonna kick shit and eat snakes. That's us."

"We can sit this one out," Sasha tells him as the camera moves into a close-up of her face. "They need us here anyway, Rick said to get ready for a fight. " Abe looks down as Sasha keeps looking at his face. "He asks her "How'd I die?"

Sasha sighs and lies to him, "We were at the beach, it was before. And you got pulled under and you didn't come back up." she tells him, looking away from his face. "I was trying to find you, but you were gone", she says. "Then I started to drown" as she finally looks at him. "I hate the beach" Abe says with a sigh, "End of the day in a wetsuit, it's like a sandblast to your nutsack every single step you take back to the car." Sasha gives a wry laugh. "Luckily, the seaside ain't on the agenda today. Just security and some road to chew" he tells her, as they look at each other intently."Alright, so come on. Let's go help Maggie."

"Abraham," Sasha says, "What?", She goes on "They could use. us. here." Abe sighs, but Sasha goes on, "Just once, we sit one out. Someone else-" he cuts her off again, "It should be us" he says. "Maggie's gotta take care of Maggie" Sasha finishes and the scene ends.

Part 3

Sasha and Eugene are walking together through the Sanctuary. with another Saviour walking a few feet behind them. Eugene asks her "Have you changed your mind about taking that allergy medication?" Sasha says yes, "Good, I think you'll get adjusted to the place size-wise. "No, I won't. Not like you'" Sasha tells him.

"Everyone has a way out. Don't go (garbled word yoke my garbled word) me up for taking mine, which I might add is the same as yours now. People die today, it's because of the choices they make." Sasha says "Yeah, it is" and the scene moves to another shot of Maggie and Sasha sitting side by side by side, just as in season 5 when they mourned Tyreese and Beth together. Maggie sighs.

"Why are we here?" Sasha asks Maggie. "For this" Maggie says with a small smile. Bird songs are heard and piano music plays softly in the background. Both women sit with their hands in their laps like twins. Sasha takes a noticeable breath and the scene ends.

Rick, Rosita and The Scavengers plus ASZ are ready for Negan and The Saviors to arrive now. The trucks pull up with Eugene yelling to Rick using a bullhorn. "hello, I come sad with the hope..."

Rosita looks heartbroken and full of rage, both emotions plain on her face. Rick asks where Negan is and Eugene says chillingly, "I'm Negan" Rick tries to trigger the explosions but nothing happens and The Scavengers turn on the ASZ folks they have circled everywhere. Michonne sees Jadis holding Rick at gunpoint so whirls around to find the Scavenger she is partnered with holding a weapon on her. "We win" The Scavenger says to Michonne.

Negan gears up for some speechifying and here it comes:

"Negan to Rick before the battle breaks out at ASZ:

“You don’t like Eugene anymore? You gotta like Sasha.

I’m gonna make this simple. I want all the guns you managed to scrape up. I want all the lemonade you have.

Daryl: I gotta get me my Daryl back. And the pool table. And I want the chalk and I want it now

And I want someone from your group – of your choosing – for Lucille.”

As Negan goes to open the coffin, he bangs on it twice with Lucille before opening it & suddenly we switch back to Sasha in the darkness- inside the coffin!

Sasha is inside the coffin- that is the weird darkness we have seen during the entire episode! She is in there, listening to her music, remembering the past and also fantasy events while being taken to the ASZ by Negan and The Saviours.

Open-eyed and with mouth trembling, she whispers, "It felt real." And she's back with Abe, shaking her head, "It felt real", she tells him. "Like we lost this. And it's just started" Abe shakes his head gently, leans in and cups the left side Sasha's face with his right hand. (music begins to play the camera switches from her face to his) He leans in and kisses Sasha gently, tenderly. Abe traces Sasha's mouth with his thumb after the kiss.

Abe leans back, stands up and pulls Sasha to him in a hug. "Come on", he says and sighs when Sasha sais "Wait." before continuing. "I like the way you call bullshit, so let me return the favor. The next thing you'll tell me is that you can go and I can stay. Because I know you didn't like hearing yourself say Maggie's gotta take care of Maggie. I know those words are gonna choke in your ears for a good, long while and you're gonna want to make up for even thinking that. Am I right?"

They nod at each other in agreement. Abe "We lay our big meaties across the chopping block ahead of someone else's. It's always someone else. Both of us know if we'tr gonna kick, there sure as hell better be a point to it. So maybe we feel there was a point to all of this. Off to (garbled word) whether it's on the battlefield or the beach, or somewhere out there today. Maggie, she's carrying the future. "

Sasha reached up and cups Abe's face in her hand, saying "You're right." and the couple let go of each other. Bending down, Sasha says "I knew how this was going to end." They gather their gear and Abe says " Oh, laying your ass on the line for someone else, tearing it to shreds for 'em, you said it before. Oh my, that is living. They smile at each other and Sasha says, "You're an idiot". "I never said otherwise" Abe quips before they open the door and leave the house.

AS the ASZ door closes behind them, the door opens into the sunshine for Eugene and Sasha at the Sanctuary..

Sasha asks him if it will take a couple of hours to get there and he says at least. He gives her an iPod loaded with music he got in the marketplace, with his compliments. "I truly wished I measured up" he says. Sasha smiles and says "You still can, Eugene. "I'm not giving up, not on you. " Sasha is calm and peaceful now, with none of the upset and anguish from earlier in the episode.

Negan tell Sasha she doesn't have to take the trip "in the thing", meaning the coffin, but she says she can "use the rest." and "yeah, I just want to go to sleep." "Just seal in a bottle of water and I'm fine." she tells him.

Negan tells Sasha he knows how tough it will be in the coffin for her and that he appreciates what she is doing. She has her arms crossed tightly across her chest, closed off to him.

The camera cuts to Sasha in the coffin with Negan looking down on her as he prepares to shut the lid. "Damn, you are something else, " before he bangs Lucille twice on the outside casing and closes her coffin.

Alone and awake in the coffin, Sasha has the iPod Eugene gave her loaded with music. She cues up "Someday We'll All Be Free", by Donny Hathaway and listens. "Hang on to the world" the song plays as she smiles. She washes down the poison with the water bottle Arat gave her and relaxes. She is at peace now.

Back at the ASZ in the battle. Negan, taps twice on the coffin with Lucille, "Sash, you're not going to believe-this " then walker Sasha lunges out, clawing at Negan, trying to bite him.

Carl uses the opportunity to start shooting, and the place pretty much erupts into chaos.

Everyone is shooting. Jadis has a gun on Rick.

Walker Sasha gets pulled off of Negan by another savior, who is promptly eaten by her.

Rick offers to make another deal with Jadis (who still has a gun on him) – she says no, shoots him in the side and knocks him off the stand he’s on.

Michonne is having a really bad time with a blonde female savior, and getting her head smashed into to ground. She is getting the hell beaten out of her, but continues to dfight giving it all she's got.

Jadis forces a shot rick to walk to the saviors.

Michonne finally gets the upper hand on the Saviour she’s fighting, trying to stab her with it, but it doesn’t kill her.

Back to Rick – Carl is already with the Saviours and Jadis has Rick kneel in front of Negan.

Negan chastises Rick for trying to defy him, and tells Carl it’s over.

Michonne is now half way off a ledge with the savior still on top of her. Rick hears Michonne scream and looks devastated. Negan begins to taunt Rick “you just lost somebody important to you. Now that is timing. "Well, Rick, I didn’t know what else I could do to warn you. Now this isn’t warning, this is punishment."

Negan says he’s going to kill Carl and take Ricks hand. Rick is defiant and tells Negan he’s still going to kill him. “You’re all already dead”,he says. Negan laughs.

Negan gets up to kill Carl…as he gets up swinging, there’s Shiva! Who leaps out of nowhere & kills a savior – suddenly, the Kingdom folks ride in (some literally) with Carol in the lead!. Lots of close ups of Shiva having lunch, killing people although one former death, a Scavenger woman, may have been changed to just being shot by Ezekiel as part of the massive double re-edits for this episode.

Suddenly Maggie is there with the Hilltop troops as back up. We see Daryl, Morgan, Carol and Ezekiel fighting along with Alexandria. Negan sees that Maggie is alive. “The widow with guns a-blazing"” he exclaims.

Carol and the Kingdom save the day

Negan raised his bat to bash Carl in the head. Shiva flies out of nowhere and attacks a male savior/junkyard distracting everybody and their uncle including Negan keeping him from using Lucille against Carl. Mayhem ensues. People are screaming and people are firing their weapons including Dwight and Simon. Rick and Carl duck for cover.

The Kingdom is here. The Kingdom and badass Carol are here! Bullets are flying and King Ezekiel storms in on foot firing his gun and shouting, “Every savior and their accomplices, Alexandria will not fall. Not on this day!”

Carol, Jerry, and the rest are kicking ass and taking names. The battleax on Jerry’s back is thirsty waiting her turn for vengeance. There’s a beautiful shot of Carol up close as she fires her machine gun. Shiva is making a midday snack of the savior. Her teeth sunk into his neck.

Rick crawls on the ground to get a gun on the ground, but as he reaches for it a savior/junkyard person makes to kill Rick. The bad guy is shot before he can kill Rick. The shooter is Maggie effing Rhee come to save the day with her sidekick Enid and the rest of the Hilltop gang. She’s yelling orders. Next we see Daryl firing away.

Rick is now armed and killing bad guys left and right.

Part 4

Negan has taken cover behind a car with Dwight close by. He yells, “Goddamn tiger!” He’s armed with more than Lucille and is firing back at TF and crew. He may have run out of ammunition because he drops the gun and sprints off- screen with only his stick.

Morgan is here with stick in one hand and assault rifle in the other. He’s not playing and adds gunfire to the fray. He seems like a clearheaded Morgan, not Clear Morgan.

Maggie, and Enid, both cool as cucumbers are walking and firing off shots. Negan sees Maggie: “That widow is alive.” Negan runs out of bullets. “Taste that Simon? That’s the taste of shit!” Negan runs off screen.

Another savior takes Negan’s place behind the car. He shooting at TF. Shiva leaps through the air and takes him out.

Rick and Carl, side by side firing off rounds. The camera quickly moves to King Ezekiel and Carol who are killing every bad guy in their sights. Two junkyard/saviors sneak up behind them but are both quickly killed by Carol. She saves King Ezekiel’s life as well as her own.

A savior comes up behind Rick and is about to shoot him but is killed spectacularly by Morgan and his trusty stick. First he crashes the stick down on the arm with the gun, and then he stabs the pointed end into the man’s neck. Go Morgan! Morgan and Rick give each other a look like, I got you, brother before going back to fighting. Morgan picks up the gun that belonged to the man he just killed and he and Rick start fighting side by side.

Simon slides behind a car and starts shooting.

Jadis and Brion take cover. She nods to him. Brion takes out a flare gun and shoots it into the sky. The camera pans to Tamiel who lights a fuse on the end of a blue soda can and rolls it on the ground away from her. Another junkyarder throw something in the air. Smoke like you would see from a smoke bomb fills the screen. He and two other junkyard peeps retreat in the opposite direction from where it was thrown. Smoke is now everywhere making it hard to see, and the junkyard crew run out of Alexandria.

Rick, Maggie, and Jesus and others come out from behind the RV. Rick tells them, “They’re falling back.” Maggie orders to Eduardo to go between the houses and “cover the gate.”

King Ezekiel is with Carol and his soldiers. He yells out, “Now we finish this!” Rick and Carl join them and they run down the street to chase after the bad guys who have left, are leaving the kingdom.

The camera changes to Maggie as she runs, crouched down behind a car ready to take out whoever is on the other side. The other side is where she finds Daryl, Enid, Morgan, and Jesus.

Next shot: Francine, Father Gabriel, Scott, and Tobin are shooting at a truck as it speeds towards Alexandria’s gates. It’s Negan in the passenger seat. He flips them the bird.

TF, Hilltop, and Kingdom are chasing after them on foot, but have to duck for cover when gunfire rains down on them from above. A Savior shuts the gate locking TF inside Alexandria. There are Saviors on top of the walls shooting at them. One by one they climb down and flee.

TF is firing back. Aaron, Jerry, and Morgan try to open the gate, while Daryl climbs up the ladder on the side of a truck to get a look at where the Saviors are. They’re gone.

The Scavengers pull out and start throwing smoke bombs, at which point the Scavengers and Saviours retreat. A flare gun fired is the signal for those fighters to run away amid the smoke and confusion. Negan takes off flipping the bird to everyone. Daryl climbs a truck to double check, as Rick and Carl go to find Michonne. They find the Scavenger’s body instead and find Michonne inside the house.

Rick and Carl run towards the house and find the dead scavenger, they go inside to see Michonne leaning against the wall semi-conscious.Her face is beaten to hell with her left eye closed, a bloody mouth and swollen everywhere.

Rick goes go her and shakes her a little and says "you're alive" he and Carl kneel by her and it looks like they take her hands. She tries to say "we.." but she's too injured. Rick finishes for her and says "I know. We are. We will. " he hugs her and nuzzles her shoulder as the camera pans away from the three of them. Later in the infirmary, he holds her right hand and strokes her arm to comfort her.

Carol and her squad from the Kingdom roam the grounds looking for stragglers, survivors and any weapons dropped by the retreating groups
Groups of the ASZ folks do the same, everyone is looking to make sure the area is safe.

Back at The Sanctuary, Negan asks Eugene how Sasha could have died in the coffin, "How the hell do you think she wound up dead in that box. "...she ran out of air..." he tells Negan who just stares him in the eye and says "Maybe, obviously suspicious of Eugene.

"So, we are going to war!", Negan yells to the Saviours who all cheer loudly.

This episode was heavily edited, not once but twice in fact, and I do not know what indirect Caryl callbacks were removed or why. The episode ends with a long Maggie voice-over and a montage of various survivors cleaning up and sitting together

Carol and Morgan

Maggie’s voiceover at the point Carol appears:…from Atlanta to my daddy’s farm, to the prison, to here. (Right after “to here” is when Carol sits down beside Morgan.) To this moment now. (Carol is first to turn her head to look at Morgan, he then follows.) Not as strangers. (Morgan is first to break eye contact.) As family.

Things have settled down in Alexandria. People are milling about in the streets. Carol, no longer wearing armor, walk out into the middle of the street and sees Morgan sitting on the front steps of a house. He too is no longer wearing Benjamin’s armor but sits there with his stick across his lap, his hands clasped. He still wears his wedding ring. He’s in his own little world and is slightly startled when Carol climbs the steps and sits next to him. Her pose mirrors his: legs slightly apart, hands clasped. At first, it seems like they don’t know what to say to each other, and don’t look at each other but instead out into the street. Neither is entirely comfortable; Morgan especially. His thumbs are moving with nervous energy. Carol is the first to turn to look at him, and then he turns to look at her. They stay that way for a couple of seconds before looking back towards the street. I think they not only came to a truce, but an understanding that they are now here for each other.

Maggie, crying, puts down walker Sasha after she and Jesus find her wandering in the woods.

The survivors share food, introduce themselves and start listening to Rick, Ezekiel and Maggie speak to them at the very end.

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dnia: 03 Październik, 2016, 21:34:59 3 Fear The Walking Dead / Sezon 2 / Odp: S02E14-15 "Wrath / North" - wrażenia

Możliwe, że w międzyczasie jakieś większe wydarzenie telewizyjne będzie miało miejsce i AMC nie chciało wystawiać Fear czyli serialu który i tak ma małą acz zadowalającą widownię jako konkurencję.

Co do samego finału. Kurcze, podobało mi się jak nie wiem. W taki sposób powinny być serwowane dwugodzinne epizody. Od czasów "What Lies Ahead", żaden inny materiał tego formatu zrealizowany na łamach TWD, aż tak mocno nie przykuł mojej uwagi. Osobiście uważam, że Erickson stanął na wysokości zdania i choć oczywiście znajdują się tam błędy i pewne niedociągnięcia, "Wrath&North" razem z "Date of Death" w chodzą do Top3 najlepszych epizodów drugiego sezonu.

Najlepszy aspekt? Definitywnie dramatyzm. Drugi sezon generalnie jest eksperymentowaniem z różnymi drogami rozwoju, czasami lepsze czasami gorsze, ale finał wyznacza nam juz skonkretyzowany charakter postaci. Rodzą nam się typowi antagoniści; bohaterowie celowo i świadomie decydujący się na mord, nie próbujący w żadnym wypadku usprawiedliwić siebie wyższą moralnością. Zabiłeś dwójkę nastolatków? Czym się przejmujesz, należy im się. Zabiłaś człowieka? Spokojnie, wszystko będzie dobrze. Zostawiłam kobietę na pastwę zombie? Zrobiłam to egoistycznie. Podoba mi się fakt, że przez postaci przemawia spokój, pewność swojego postępowania i jakby normalność oparta na chłodzie. Alicia dokonała pierwszego morderstwa, ale Madison nie zachowuje się w stosunku do niej jak rozhisteryzowana matka. Nie ma akcji niczym na drodze Lori-Carl.  Obserwowanie dysfunkcji rodzinnej jako sposobu na przetrwanie to zupełnie świeże i ciekawe spojrzenie na świat i ogólne uniwersum TWD. Nie można tu mówić oczywiście o skrajnym antagonizmie pokroju Gubernatora, ale jednak jawna demoralizacja poglądów została ukazana. A największym plusem jest to, że takim adwokatem diabła podjudzającym obecne zachowania została Madison, która robi to z premedytacją i świadomie.

Druga rzecz, która bardzo mi się spodobała to fakt pokazania jak dobrzy ludzie potrafią w jednym momencie zwrócić się przeciwko sobie, czując żądzę mordu. Hector, Andree, Elena.... postaci, które traktowały Madison jako autorytet momentalne się od niej odwróciły. W imię czego? Strach? Zagrożenie? Poszanowanie moralności czy człowieczeństwa? Tsaaa, czysta hipokryzja. Chcą wyrzucić Travisa z rodziną za mord na chłopakach, niemniej co zrobiła wcześniej Elena? Co zrobiła Ilene? Obydwie dopuściły się przemocy na swoich ludziach. Fajnie wyważono podwójne standardy. Pomijam w tym wszystkim to, że większość momentalnie poczuła potrzebę ingerencji w akcję Travisa mimo tego, że sami w przeszłości chcieli dokonać jednakowego linczu, szczególnie jeśli mówimy o rodzinie Stowe. Naprawdę fajna szczegółowość ukazanych zachowań.

Trzecia rzecz, zupełny brak celebracji śmierci Chrisa i maksymalnie skupienie się na emocjonalności Travisa. Kapitalne zagranie. Naprawdę. Rzecz, której dotychczas w TWD nie było. Bohater umiera w zupełnym odosobnieniu, bez rodziny, bez przyjaciół, na środku pustkowia; bez ostatniego przejawu miłości czy współczucia. Umiera przez własną głupotę, z obrazem mordercy przed oczami. Temat ponadto przedstawiony w formie flashbacku. Główna postać potraktowana jak nieznaczący przecinek w zdaniu. Nawet Gubernatora nie spotkał taki los, a dokonał rzeczy o wiele gorszych. A Travis? Bardzo spodobał mi się moment, w którym Dereka określa się mianem tego, który zawarł pakt z diabłem i nic mu się nie dzieje, po czym niespełna chwilę później Manawa zabija go gołymi pięściami, szerząc tak dużą destrukcję, że odbija się to dosłownie na wszystkich.

Duże pochwały ponadto za odwagę scenarzysty w rozdzieleniu bohaterów. Dotychczas w uniwersum schemat polegał na tym, że postaci choć w podgrupach zawsze szły w jednym kierunku i pod wpływem jednego celu. Tutaj mamy zupełnie coś odwrotnego. Ofelia samotnie przekracza granicę ze stanami, Strand pozostaje w Rosarito Beach Hotel w obawie przed furią Travisa, Nick wyprowadza ludzi na północ, zaś Madison z rodziną szwendają się po Tijuanie by go znaleźć. Cztery różne kierunki, cztery różne cele, cztery niewiadome. Oczywiście przyjdzie w końcu taki moment, że wszyscy ponownie się złączą ale pod wpływem jakich czynników?

Najsłabszym punktem finału był niestety wątek La Colonia. Cała struktura tego motywu leży i kwiczy więc zupełnie nie dziwię się, że tak kiepsko wypadł na koniec. Pełno przewidywalnych rzeczy, pełno absurdu i tona nudy. 3/4 czasu skonsumowano na nic nie wnoszące rozmowy, a całość skończyła się tym że gang wybito w absurdalny sposób, mieszkańcy kolonii rozpierzchli się na cztery strony swiata, a Nick wraz z Lucianą poszli do niewoli, nie wiadomo gdzie i nie wiadomo do kogo.

Generalnie, jeżeli miałbym podsumować finał. Dla mnie mocna 9 dla obydwu odcinków. Sam drugi sezon był naprawdę ciekawą alternatywą, jak na ogólne standardy uniwersum i tego do czego nas przyzwyczaiła ekipa TWD. Dwa odcinki na niskim poziomie, kilka na wysokości 5-6, sporo na mocną 7-8, a końcówka to trzy 9 pod rząd. Ten serial na chwilę obecną ma ogromne predyspozycje do tego by stać się czymś, lub chociaż by utrzymać obecny poziom. Oba rozwiązania by mnie zadowolily.

I tak jeszcze na konie, Andrew Lincolnie sorry ale w kwestii odegranej furii na ekranie, Cliff Curtis zjadł cię na śniadanie :D
Podzielam zarówno opinie pochlebne jak i niepochlebne na temat trailera. Rozumiem, że przy jego tworzeniu twórcy mieli trochę związane ręce w związku z brakiem możliwości ukazania głównych postaci (choć, powiedzmy sobie szczerze, sami są sobie winni i sami sobie te ręce związali). Nie zmienia to jednak faktu, że trailer powinien mieć na celu nakreślenie ogólnej fabuły, przedstawienie widzowi "o czym to będzie" i przede wszystkim zachęcenie do oglądania. Ten trailer nie jest raczej trailerem a zlepkiem losowych scenek i gdybym była przypadkowym widzem pewnie nawet nie ogarnęłabym o co chodzi.  W każdym razie owy "zlepek " jeszcze bardziej utwierdził mnie w przekonaniu, że Spencer podzieli los swojego komiksowego pierwowzoru  :lubie:
Czy tygrys rzeczywiście jest dodany komputerowo ?  Tak jak było w przypadku wilkorów w ,, Grze o tron ''.
Wiadomo coś na ten temat ?
Również mieszane uczucia, jednak po zobaczeniu tygrysa - xD tragicznie to wygląda, jak tani efekt komputerowy.
To chyba najgorszy i najnudniejszy trailer jaki AMC zrobiło do tej pory....
Czytam te spoilery i informacje i przecieram oczy ze zdumienia. Tygrys? Gimple naprawdę?! Nie dość, że serial ciągle turla się po dnie, to jeszcze adaptujesz najgorszy element w historii całego komiksu? Poważnie.... Chyba sobie jaja w tym momencie robią. Coś czuję, że sezon siódmy może okazać się większym pośmiewiskiem wśród widzów niż S6 bo jak dotąd robią wszystko by pobić siebie samych w swoich niezbyt chlubnych osiągnięciach. Nie dość, że pilot będzie zapewne godzinnym wałkowaniem schiz Ricka i odsuwaniem na sam koniec ofiary Lucille, to jeszcze już na samym początku serwują nam jakże piękne i kochane przez wszystkich gimplowskie fillery. Wisienką na torcie tygrys będący mieszanką miernego twdeowskiego CGI i normalnego zwierzęcia....
6/10 kiepsko wypadła zmiana narracji, retrospekcje i cała historia z piratami, po dwóch dobrych odcinkach, znów serial osiadł na mieliznę nijakości

dnia: 13 Kwiecień, 2016, 16:46:18 10 Fear The Walking Dead / Ogólnie / Odp: FTWD na Foxie

Nie. Fear nie leci na Foxie, a tym bardziej nie w niedziele. Oficjalna premiera jest owszem w Niedzielę, ale to w Stanach i to wieczorem czyli u nas jest to wówczas godzina 3:00. Nie ma raczej możliwości byśmy w Polsce mieli premierę wcześniej niż w USA.

dnia: 11 Kwiecień, 2016, 14:28:31 11 Fear The Walking Dead / Sezon 2 / Odp: S02E01 Monster Wrażenia z odcinka

Czekam na moment w którym polubię któregokolwiek z bohaterów. Zidentyfikuję się. A przynajmniej, który nie będzie ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  i wszystko jedno. Na razie nikt z nich kompletnie do mnie nie przemawia. A ja nie mam wysokich wymagań, łykam gatunek jak młody pelikan.

Oraz miałam przebitki z The Last Ship, gdzie też się bohaterowie zastanawiali, gdzie podziali się ci, którzy narobili ambarasu. 
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Fakt że mogą odstrzelić postać z 2 planu mnie nie zdziwi,ale bardziej zastanawiam się nad tym jak amc wypromuje 7 sezon. W trailerze będzie Negan, Carol i Morgan? Nie pokażą przecież nikogo z ricków bo cliffhanger.

W zupełności wystarczy materiału na zmontowanie odpowiedniego trailera, być może będzie tak jak piszesz, ale nie zapominaj że trailer comi conu może zostać skrócony i ograniczony z wiadomych względów.

...Już widzę jak Morgan wychodzi ze swoim kijkiem na spacery o zachodzie słońca, ćwiczyć machanie na łące przy stawie, Carolcia z ręką w temblaku na wózku inwalidzkim przygląda się temu z okna swej wieży i cichutko łka....następnie pokazują Dwighta jak poleruje Lucille, Negana jak się goli (w końcu to zapowiadał patrząc na Abrahama) no i oczywiście Hilltopa, gdzie sieją marchew , doją krowę a Jesus czesze włosy.  Zaraz , zaraz... czy to byłoby nadal TWD ? No dobra, jeszcze mały rzut na Aleksandrię gdzie Ojciec Gabryś w szturmowym kombinezonie zarządza zastępem aleksandryjczyków (jakieś 8  osób ?) Tobin chodzi z młotkiem do pracy bo buduje nowe World Trade Center a Francine zamiast Carolci nosi mu kanapki zawinięte w papier w Kubusie Puchatki. ...

Zatem dobry wizjoner zawsze zmontuje coś z niczego :D Tak jak dobry kucharz ugotuje coś z niczego. Więc ja bym się o tariler na Comic Con nie martwił.   
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Litości, niech że nie porównuje tego do LOST....Cliffhanger 1 sezonu Zagubionych był świetny, miał sens i akcja z bunkrem już od dawna była skrupulatnie budowana. Cliffhanger Gimpla to cliffhanger niczym z Mody na Sukces.

święte słowa! LOSTY miały zupełnie inną konwencję. Tam żadne z zachowań bohaterów nie było dziełem scenarzysty-lenia, który odwaliłby sztukę dla sztuki, pomijając portret psychologiczny któregoś z bohaterów. Klimat był budowany nie tylko wokół tajemniczej aury uniwersum, ale także poprzez liczne retrospekcje dotyczące rozbitków. Pamiętam jak dziś, że z niepokojem oczekiwałem kolejnych 7 dni na kolejne dwa odcinki na TVP1.

Motywacja decyzji Gimple'a to jakiś absurd. To tak, jakby David Shore przyznał otwarcie, że stosuje te same wątki fabularne, co Arthur Conan Doyle. Co innego powiedzieć, że na czymś się wzoruję dodając jakąś charakterystyczną cechę głównemu bohaterowi, a co innego przyznać, że skopiowałem czyjś chwyt, który w innym serialu się sprawdził. Te wszystkie wypowiedzi osób odpowiedzialnych za ten fail brzmią jak jeden wielki eufemizm do "żyłujemy oglądalność przez sztuczne preparowanie napięcia i niepewności".

Jestem pewien, że już niedługo, całkiem "przypadkowo" wycieknie jakiś króciutki epilog zdradzający jakiś szczegół. I za miesiąc kolejny i kolejny i kolejny. I kolejny. I teoriom nie będzie końca. I kolejny. I kiedy już wyklaruje się dość jednolity pogląd fanów, że zginął np. Daryl, to w S07E01 okaże się nagle, że Negan zaciupał kamerzystę...
I znowu twarze fanów ozdobi uśmiech i wykreowana duma, że są częścią tak epickiego i nieprzewidywalnego "szoł".

"Show must go on", right?
Ile można oglądać tych samych bohaterów na ekranach?  :P TWD to serial, w którym ciągle pojawiają się nowe postacie. Więc według mnie rzeczą głupią jest uśmiercanie tylko bohaterów, którzy dopiero co się pojawili, bo taką śmiercią w ogóle się nie przejmę. A poza tym po co wprowadzać taką postać, która nie zdąży się nawet dobrze przedstawić widzom? Taki przykład z ostatnim odcinkiem - cieszę się, że to nie Abe otrzymał strzałę, bo lubię bardzo te postać, ale mimo to myślałem, że zastąpi go ktoś, kto trochę już gościł na ekranach (choćby Morgan, nawet Rositą bardziej bym się przejął niż Denise) uważam, że w komiksie scena tej śmierci była kozacka i trochę się zawiodłem, że na miejsce Abrahama wybrali takiego randoma. Także myślę, że przydałaby się w końcu jakaś bardziej emocjonująca śmierć w serialu.

dnia: 23 Marzec, 2016, 19:01:12 15 The Walking Dead Serial / Postacie / Odp: Negan

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jak patrzyłem na tego z komiksu to wyglądał jak pedofil po wizycie w sztumie

Cooo? Dlaczego jak pedofil? Skąd to porównanie?
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