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SPOILERY / Odp: Sezon 10- spoilery, informacje przewidywania
« dnia: 14 Listopad, 2019, 15:03:03 »
10x07 "Open Your Eyes" Q & A

1. We see Siddiq is really deep in trauma and hallucinations. Do we see the beheadings from his point of view?

Kind of but not all the way. These are all heavily edited shots with blood spatters, blood spilling on the floor, Siddiq being forced to watch, Alpha moving in to decapitate DJ.

2. So Dante kills Siddiq. How does this all go down?

After having another breakdown, Siddiq jumps in the water, Rosita jumps in after to get him out, and they have a proper conversation where Rosita actually pushes him to tell her what's been bothering him all this time. He talks about how he was forced to watch everything, doing nothing to help. Then he starts talking about how there is no common denominator among the sick people, except… At this point, he has some sort of an epiphany and realizes that it's the water. He goes to the water system and switches the handle from DRINKABLE to UNDRINKABLE.

After this, it's nighttime and he's back at his house looking out the window when Dante comes in from behind with another one of his pep-talks. After he says a bunch of motivational bullshit and specifically mentions "pulling his weight WITH THE WATER while Eugene is gone", he clicks his tongue. At this point, Siddiq has another flashback of the Whisperer who was physically forcing him to keep his eyes open also clicking his tongue. He realizes it was Dante. He turns around, there are a few tense seconds where he looks around for apparently something to attack him with, Dante also realizes that he's onto him, and a fight ensues. Dante overpowers him, starts choking him and says "I didn't want this! Not you! Not like this!" Then he tells him to close his eyes, and we see Siddiq's arm fall to his side, motionless. This is the final shot of the episode.

3. Do the others find out that Dante killed Siddiq and that Dante is a Whisperer? If so, what do they do with him?

Since this happens at the very end of the episode, no.

4. Do we know why Lydia doesn’t recognize Dante, but she recognizes the captured Whisperer?

There is no information on this, unfortunately.

5. What happens with the illness breakout in Alexandria? Does it get worse? Does Dante have anything to do with it?

There is no specific information on this, I can only say that people do seem to be getting worse. But this is still very much only Siddiq's problem with no general interest and certainly nothing from Aaron about the creek being contaminated. We also don't see any specific involvement on Dante's part, except the final comment he makes that I mentioned in Q2.

6. What information do Carol and Daryl get out of the Whisperer they captured?

The most important thing that he tells them is that the Whisperers all think that Alpha killed Lydia. He tells them that he will never betray Alpha, that she sacrificed her daughter for them, and that he's willing to give his life for her. There's also a bunch of lecturing on how they are all lying to one another and to themselves, concerning their lifestyle. "You fight for what? Sandwiches?"

7. There's a promo picture with stuff all over Carol's face. What is it?

In order to kill him with kindness, she offers the captured Whisperer bread and jam. He puts the whole thing in his mouth, visibly shaken, crying while eating, only to spit it right back all over Carol's face.

8. What is going on in the promo picture showing Carol with a bloody hand. Did she punch the Whisperer dude? Do we know why she’s wearing her wedding ring from Ezekiel?

After the jam incident, they decide to resort to violence. So Carol puts on the ring and punches the Whisperer a bunch of times. Again, to no avail.

9. What's going on with Gamma and Aaron?

This is a two part situation:

- First, they are having a friendly-ish banter, it's daytime. Aaron offers her bread and shows her a drawing his daughter made. Gamma asks if there are more children in their community, apparently thinking about her sister's child. Aaron tells her that he knows she's trying to get intel, and that maybe he should do the same, but what's the point? He tells her that maybe they should just talk about stuff that are not worth reporting, and just basically chit-chat instead. Gamma kind of flees mid-sentence. I can say that she's visibly intrigued by everything Aaron did and said.

- I will get into the second part on Q12.

10. What boundaries is Carol pushing with Daryl?

After hearing that the Whisperers think that Lydia is dead, Carol rushes to get Lydia to prove the captured Whisperer otherwise. They have an argument where Daryl tells her that the she is not going to get Lydia involved in this and that the kid's been through enough.

11. What do Carol and Lydia talk about on the balcony?

Carol asks Lydia what she knows about the Whisperer they captured. Lydia talks a bit about how her mother twists people, gets them to do what she wants, making them think that it's what they want, giving them no choice. She basically tells Carol to kill him with kindness, show him what they have at Alexandria and that a place like that can survive. She says that an idea like that is dangerous, that it can spread, and that there's nothing her mom can do to stop it.

12. Why are Lydia and Carol out by themselves? Does Daryl or anyone else know what they are off doing?

- The Whisperer they captured actually dies, and very quickly, apparently because of a herb that was wrongly-administered by Dante. When Siddiq tells Dante that he killed him, Dante quickly puts the blame on Siddiq, saying that he was the one who packed the medicine bag, and that he had no way of knowing that the red stuff Siddiq packed was not X (the healing one) but Y (the deadly one). I'm pretty sure this was a ploy by Dante, designed to kill the Whisperer to keep him from talking.

- The Whisperer's death happens mere moments before Carol can bring Lydia to show him that she's alive.

- In the meantime, Alpha meets Gamma to get more information on Aaron, and seeing that she's hesitant, she whips her and reminds her to stay strong against the temptations.

- Gamma goes back to meet Aaron with a visible change in attitude, holding him at knife-point this time to get actual, substantial information. That's when Carol arrives with Lydia. Gamma is absolutely shocked at the sight of Lydia. She runs off and starts crying hysterically.

- But this has one more consequence: This time, Lydia feels betrayed, she says that Carol used her and that she's "just like her". She also runs off, alone. Aaron and Carol are unable to stop her.

- Daryl or anyone else don't know anything about any of this.

13. Is Alexandria the only community that we see?


14. Do we get more daddy Daryl scenes with Lydia?

No one-on-one scenes, only him vigorously telling Carol to keep Lydia out of it.

15. Does anything else interesting happen in this episode?

A topless Daryl has a really nice cuddling scene with Dog that is definitely worth mentioning. Also, Rosita and Siddiq have a lot of dialogue; about parenting first, and about Siddiq's problems later. I guess we can say too little too late, unfortunately.

16. Does anyone else besides Siddiq die?

Besides the Whisperer, Yes, Cheryl dies too. And Gamma kills a walker. That's all.

SPOILERY / Odp: S6 E6 - ""Always Accountable" -Spoilery
« dnia: 10 Listopad, 2015, 11:12:00 »
Sneak peek z Niemieckiej stacji Fox: Nie masz uprawnień do wyswietlania linków na tym forum. Załóż konto lub Zaloguj się

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