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SPOILERY / Odp: Sezon 10- spoilery, informacje przewidywania
« dnia: 03 Kwiecień, 2020, 10:27:29 »
Tak, tylko, że na te spoilery które wstawiasz warto brać przymiarkę bo przynajmniej połowa z tych które miały być do 10b nie miały miejsca, a pierwsze z brzegu to ugryziony Ezekiel czy zabita przez Alphę Magna.

SPOILERY / Odp: Sezon 9 Spoilery, teorie, przewidywania.
« dnia: 22 Marzec, 2019, 19:56:14 »
Przeprowadzka Królestwa na Wzgórzę/do Aleksandrii z powodu śnieżycy, zdrada Siddiqa.. Coś się tam znajdzie  ;)

Post połączony: 22 Marzec, 2019, 21:03:10
Niestety nie mogę zeedytować poprzedniego, ale TSDF rzuciło coś na temat Siddiq'a.

Source says about Siddiq:

"He didn't betray them, if we believe his story. He is captured by the Whisperers, and he's told to kill the others but he supposedly refuses. He is then knocked out and when he wakes up, he's tied to a tree."

SPOILERY / Odp: Sezon 9 Spoilery, teorie, przewidywania.
« dnia: 22 Marzec, 2019, 17:38:35 »
Q&A Episode 9.15 “The Calm Before”

Big thanks as always to our source!! Here we go!!

1. What kind of activities are happening at the Fair? Do they finally watch the movie?

Basically, activities similar to what you'd find at a typical fair or carnival. A dunking booth (with Eugene being the dunkee), candy apples, barbeque, Symphony of Awesome, etc. Yes, they do watch the movie! It’s some kind of animated movie or cartoon. (Note to Self: Make sure that the one piece of cinematic history available in the zombie apocalypse is not a Pixar movie. <gently places “Star Wars: A New Hope” in time capsule>)

2. Why does the group venture outside the walls during the Fair? What is their mission?

They go out as kind of a patrol, to guard and protect the community from the Whisperers.

3. In the sneak peek we see several characters discover an overturned Hilltop wagon. We see them decide to split up. What happens to the group that are tasked with going back to Hilltop?

We don't know. We don't see that group again for the remainder of the episode.

4. What happens to Carol, Daryl, Michonne, and Yumiko when they end up at the Whisperer camp?

Alpha shows up and mainly taunts them. She interacts with Daryl the most. She tells him that she's been inside their walls, and "it's a joke" because communities like that are a thing of the past (this means by this time, she's already infiltrated the fair and killed all her victims). She finally takes Daryl and shows him their massive Whisperer herd. It's YUUUUUGE. She tells him that if they cross over into Whisperer territory one more time, she will take out all of the communities with this herd. And yes, Alpha delivers her iconic comic line about destroying “everything you’ve built in this world.”

5 How does Alpha infiltrate the fair? Is she alone? Who does she interact with?

She scalps a woman from the Hilltop named Hilda and infiltrates the fair as a "Debra" from Alexandria. She is alone, and the only person she interacts with is Ezekiel. She introduces herself as Debra from Alexandria, and because the communities have been apart for so long, Ezekiel isn't suspicious that he doesn't know her. He gives her a tour of the fair.

6. What is going on with Siddiq?

We're not sure. Supposedly Siddiq was going to be a pike victim, but Alpha changes her mind for some unknown reason.

7. How are the pikes revealed?

Alpha releases Daryl, Carol, Michonne and Yumiko, and tells Daryl they'll see a "final warning" on the way back to the Hilltop that marks the border along Whisperer territory. That warning turns out to be the pikes. The reveal is similar to the comic reveal, reanimated heads and all. Each reveal is accompanied by a flashback of other characters looking for that victim.

8 How does Carol react to seeing Henry?

Well we don’t know at first who is on that pike, Ezekiel or Henry. Daryl sees and then runs back to Carol to try and stop her from seeing. He says, “Hey, just look at me. Don’t look at that. Look at me.” But she does and we see that it’s Henry. It’s Sophia all over again.

9 What happens with Lydia?

She stays at the Hilltop. Alpha does find her, but Lydia tells her off and refuses to go back with her. (Gee. One may wonder why she just didn’t do this in the first place, but whatevs.)

10. How does the episode end?

It ends with a kind of memorial service for the pike victims and Siddiq giving a long, inspirational speech promoting unity among the communities.

SPOILERY / Odp: Sezon 9 Spoilery, teorie, przewidywania.
« dnia: 08 Marzec, 2019, 20:56:26 »
Wydaje mi się, że Highwaymani wpuszczą Szeptaczy do Królestwa nieco nieświadomie. Mimo wszystko nie będą zaznajomieni z populacją innych osad więc Alpha drogę ma praktycznie otwartą. Kwestią pozostaje jak się dowiaduje na temat imprezki.

SPOILERY / Odp: Sezon 9 Spoilery, teorie, przewidywania.
« dnia: 08 Marzec, 2019, 18:25:05 »
Hmm, coś mi tu nie gra. Zostały dwa odcinki do końca sezonu nie licząc trzynastego, a Szeptacze chyba wciąż nie mają pojęcia o Królestwie i festynie, który ma się tam odbyć. Co więc z głowami na palach?

Siddiq podobno ma się wysypać z jarmarkiem w jakimś stopniu.

SPOILERY / Odp: Sezon 9 Spoilery, teorie, przewidywania.
« dnia: 06 Marzec, 2019, 17:20:15 »
Fotka z kręcenia 9x16 podobno wstawiona na FB przez aktora grającego Aldena. Z FB już  usunięta. Znalezione na forum TSDF.

SPOILERY / Odp: Sezon 9 Spoilery, teorie, przewidywania.
« dnia: 04 Marzec, 2019, 16:29:19 »
I na dodatek wiele wskazuje na to, że znak który był w 9x11 niedaleko Ezekiela nie oznaczał terenu Szeptaczy. Ciekawe tylko czyj.

SPOILERY / Odp: Sezon 9 Spoilery, teorie, przewidywania.
« dnia: 03 Marzec, 2019, 12:15:15 »
Post od TSDF z Facebook'a chociaż nie jest jeszcze to w 100% potwierdzone.

This was from the TSDF FB page. I'm unsure if they mean to post it here, as well, so I thought I'd do so.

" Just a bit of background and heads up before I get into this. What I am about to share was given to us by a reliable source. HOWEVER, the source specifically stated that they aren’t sure about this and don’t know enough about it to further elaborate.

Apparently, Siddiq might betray Team Family in order to save his own life. Source SPECULATED that he might give up information on the different communities (perhaps the location of the fair?) to the Whisperers. We aren’t sure if there were others with him whenever this supposed betrayal occurs. Again, all of this is very unclear and uncertain. So don’t freak out yet. This could evolve into something completely different or just turn out to be dead wrong. Time will tell.

We thought we would open it up for discussion to hear your thoughts and spec on how this could all come together if it’s true."

Apologies if the official TSDF team wanted to post this first. I'm happy to take this down, so please send me a message if you'd like.

SPOILERY / Odp: Sezon 9 Spoilery, teorie, przewidywania.
« dnia: 25 Luty, 2019, 20:20:18 »
Nie masz uprawnień do wyswietlania linków na tym forum. Załóż konto lub Zaloguj się

Jednak Negana zobaczymy jeszcze w tym sezonie ;)

SPOILERY / Odp: Sezon 9 Spoilery, teorie, przewidywania.
« dnia: 22 Luty, 2019, 17:57:45 »
Opis 9x11 za TSDF.
Big thanks to our source!!

1. In the opening minutes, we see a flashback of Carol and Ezekiel meeting Jesus and Tara in a clearing. Do we see any other flashbacks in that time period?

This is the only one.

NOTE: For the unlucky souls who didn't get to see the opening minutes scene before the copyright gods got to it, we'll hit the highlights.

The scene is a flashback and takes place in a clearing sometime in the middle of the 6 year time gap. Carol, Ezekiel and Jerry are waiting there for Jesus (HE HAS RISEN!) and Tara to arrive. Jerry announces that he and Nabila are...preggers, preggo, up the pole, bunzed up (you get the point). When Tara & Jesus arrive, Tara delivers some kind of joint community Charter document (think Constitution). Ezekiel is very proud to have this and treats it reverently, saying he'll take care of it. In a very cryptic way, Tara announces that she took it from Michonne's house because it was "gathering dust" as well as took some medication. She declares she has left Alexandria for good. All this tells us is that something gnarly went down and Michonne clearly has lost some best friends over it. But of course, this three-minute snippet leaves us with more questions than answers. At least we get to see Lord Man Bun again."

2. What is the "unique item" the kingdom is searching for?

A movie projector bulb so they can show movies at the fair. They find the bulb, but don’t make it back to the Kingdom yet in this episode.

3. Does the Kingdom group encounter any Whisperers?


4. What happens during the hostage exchange at the Hilltop?

Alpha agrees to return Alden and Luke in exchange for Lydia. Initially, Henry tries to flee with Lydia and hide her, but Addy tells Daryl she knows where Henry probably went. It's the same shack Henry got wasted with those other teenagers in 9A. They find Henry, and Lydia agrees to go back. Alpha keeps her word and returns both Alden and Luke without incident.

5. Does Lydia go back with Alpha? Does she willingly go back or does she want to stay?

She wants to stay, but she goes back willingly because she knows her mother will kill Alden and Luke if she doesn't.

6. What happens with the Whisperer baby?

Walkers show up and there is baby among the Whisperers who crying and calling attention to them. Alpha directs the mother to put the baby on the ground and let the walkers have her. She does and Connie runs out from the cornfield to save the baby. Connie runs back into the cornfield and is nearly bitten until Daryl, Kelly, and others come to her rescue.

7. Do Luke and Alden make it out of the episode alive?


8. What is Henry's reaction to Lydia going back to Alpha?

He takes off in the middle of the night to find her. Poor hormonal, pubescent, Henry.

9. How does the episode end?

It ends with Daryl and Connie leaving with Dog to find Henry.


Alpha welcomes Lydia back with a slap in the face when she dares to say, “Hey, mom.” Unacceptable. Mommy Dearest expects Lydia to address her as Alpha.

EDIT More bonus tidbits:

Tammy and Earl adopt the Whisperer baby.

Lydia kisses Henry before she leaves. (No eyeball licking 😂)

SPOILERY / Odp: Sezon 9 Spoilery, teorie, przewidywania.
« dnia: 10 Luty, 2019, 20:29:36 »
Podobno  opisy nadchodzących odcinków.

Episode 11 Title: Bounty (Reward) Premiere: 24/02/2019 Director: Meera Menon Synopsis from Zap2it: The savage group led by Alpha confronts the Hilltop in a harrowing attempt to retrieve her daughter; a supply run for the Kingdom turns into a dangerous quest.

Episode 12 Title: Guardians Premiere: 03/03/2019 Directed by: Greg Nicotero Synopsis: While one community struggles to ease tensions that threaten to divide from within, the true nature of another group comes into focus; a mission to rescue a friend has deadly consequences.

Episode 13 Title: Chokepoint (Strangulation) Premiere: 10/03/2019 Directed by: Liesl Tommy Synopsis: Daryl's daring rescue mission forces Alpha to unleash a group of her own to retrieve what belongs to her, even if the price is paid in blood; the Kingdom's plans to reunite the communities are put in jeopardy.

Episode 14 Title: Scars (Scars) Premiere: 3/17/2019 Directed by: Millicent Shelton Synopsis from Walking Dead Brazil: An outsider's arrival forces Alexandria to rehash devastating old wounds; eye-opening secrets from the past are revealed.

Episode 15 Title: The Calm Before Synopsis from Sky Network: The fair at the Kingdom is underway, with all four communities coming together in celebration for the first time in years; while some pacts are renewed, other deals will come at a much steeper price.

Episode 16 Title: "The Storm" Synopsis from Showcase: In the aftermath of an overwhelming loss, the communities must brave a ferocious blizzard; as one group deals with an enemy from within, another is forced to make a life or death decision.

All credit given to BowlFullofAwesome on TSDF!

SPOILERY / Odp: Sezon 9 Spoilery, teorie, przewidywania.
« dnia: 19 Listopad, 2018, 12:53:49 »
Początkowe minuty następnego epizodu:

Nie masz uprawnień do wyswietlania linków na tym forum. Załóż konto lub Zaloguj się

SPOILERY / Odp: Sezon 9 Spoilery, teorie, przewidywania.
« dnia: 07 Listopad, 2018, 08:52:38 »
Koniec świata, najpierw w zapowiedzi następnych odcinków mgła i burza, a teraz śnieg. Czyli w apokalilsie zombie jednak są pory roku  :D

SPOILERY / Odp: Sezon 9 Spoilery, teorie, przewidywania.
« dnia: 01 Listopad, 2018, 10:36:16 »
Nie zdziw się jak Big suprise o którym mówił jakiś czas temu Gimple to będą losy Ricka w UK :)

SPOILERY / Odp: Sezon 9 Spoilery, teorie, przewidywania.
« dnia: 01 Listopad, 2018, 10:14:49 »
Od Ninjy z TSDF.

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