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« dnia: 05 Październik, 2019, 20:18:11 »
Wszystkie znalezione informacje na temat wciąż pozostającego bez tytułu spin-offu.
Dziś na NYCC został wyświetlony pierwszy trailer. Zapowiada się nawet ciekawie, kompletnie inaczej niż pozostałe 2 serie, mam nadzieję, że nie będzie on skupiony tylko na młodych widzach.
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The series "will feature two young female protagonists and focus on the first generation to come-of-age in the apocalypse as we know it. Some will become heroes. Some will become villains. In the end, all of them will be changed forever. Grown-up and cemented in their identities, both good and bad."
Nowe informacje z dzisiaj, w formie relacji.
Cytuj (zaznaczone)
"These are kids that grew up in a place of safety," Gimple says. "They've grown up in the apocalypse. They've been aware of walkers but they haven't really been interacting with them. They've been behind walls. That makes any journey that they made need to make incredibly dangerous...They don't remember much of a world without walkers. This is the normal world to them and yet they've been apart from it...There's a quest aspect to it. They're going somewhere...It wasn't in this trailer but the place they're in is a part of that, we've seen that three-circle symbol...those three circles, and I'm saying it here, represent three different civilizations that are bound and entwined in some ways and in some ways very, very different. The pace they're from is one of those places."'

The series begins in the midwest, nearly 10 years into the apocalypse. "This is one of those big things that is happening at the same time as The Walking Dead but they have no idea about each other," Gimple says.

"It's a long journey," Negrete says. "If you're going a long distance like that, that's a tough thing to do normally but in the apocalypse, imagine the sort of obstacles you have to face...There are hordes of dead out there. There are peopll that are maybe good, maybe bad, out there...There's a big obstacle that the group has to pass and it's this huge thing...It was important that we call it the point of no return."

"People always come up with that," Gimple said of a musical episode of The Walking Dead. "We are actually trying to work on [a musical episode]," Gimple said. "You heard it here."

Kirkman is asked about diving further into the universe. "This project is expanding the universe in its biggest ways yet," he says. "What Scott and Matt have been able to put together is absolutely impressive."

"One of my favorite comic moments of The Walking Dead was the Brian K. Vaughn story," Gimple said. "It was an example of the world being opened up...that was, in some ways, sort of a touch stone not only with this but everything moving forward."

Aaliyah Royale is asked about Iris: "She's this extremely smart, and loving, kind person who gets along with everyone," she says. "She realizes at some point this might not have all been for herself but possibly for everybody else. She decides to make a decision for herself, for the first time...and go on an adventure."

On TWD3, zombies are called "Empties." Royale had to perform a scene where she had to save her sister from empties and fall down covered in the dead. "They brought out these two pieces of silicon that were for my butt," she explains. They were to help her fall but they weren't easy to put on.

Next is Hope actress Alexa Mansour. "She knows the reality of it so she's iving realistically. She's probably the opposite of Iris," she says. "Hates authority, doesn't seem very smart, has maybe a little alcohol problem."

Nicolas Cantu is asked about joining the universe: "I've been consuming zombie media since I was just a little boy," he says. "Seeing these empties walking around being as creepy as ever, it's a dream come true!" He was a fan of the original series and started watching it when he was 10. "It really creates this interesting dynamic where we've been sheltered from this reality that is these horrible monsters roaming the streets," he says. "Everybody's got a reason to be out there beyond the walls. Elton is a wise old soul...he wants to see how nature has taken over and impacted the world as we know it."

Hal Cumpston is asked about what drew him to Silas. Initially, it was being a part of The Walking Dead universe. "He has his own reasons," for leaving, he says. "Him going on this journey is a fresh start. It's interesting to play someone who doesn't put all their cards on the table."

Next is Annet Mahendru, who plays Huck. "You saw the gash on her face," she said. "There's a big story there. She's seen some terrible things and now she's a part of this community that she'll do anything for to keep them safe...She's tough but she's the kind of girl you grab a beer with at the end of a really long, awful shift." Gimple notes that she might get someone into a bar fight."

Gimple teases a "jump in technology" because this community has been safe for so long.

Nico Tortella is asked about his first day on set as Felix. He found out about the show a week before it existed. "All I knew was that Fellix was queer," he said. "A lot of my work is about just breaking down binaries that exist everywhere. Scott said something that just stuck: 'On this show, the only binary that exists is dead and alive.' I was hooked...My first day on set, it's my birthday and it's also Felix's birthday in the scene that I'm shooting."

Gimple says he does have plans for crossovers with TWD3. "It's very much on its own but, like I said, there are points where there is a little bit of crossover," he said. He also adds that Cantu's character has special technology to prevent himself from getting bit. 

Does this show dive into the three-circle groups? "This very much gets very deeply into that mythology," Gimple said. "As far as Rick's story is concerned, it's very, very separate but we're gonna get a very good look at just how big the world of The Walking Dead is."
Showrunnerem serialu jest Matt  Negrette, który wraz z panem Scottem Gimplem i Angelą Kang pisał scenariusze finałów i premier głównej serii, ma na swoim koncie również scenariusz 5x04, czyli ,,Slabtown".
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